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We plant seeds of peace taking our Circles of Dialogue to different geographies.


In 2013 I had the privilege to teach how to set up a Circle of Dialogue to a group of women mentoring young teenage girls within the penal system. Since the training, they have been implementing the circles with the young girls with outstanding success. We see this as a another way to develop consciousness through the creative expression, also to explore their feelings and thoughts by having deeper conversations, learning to handle their emotions and respecting others because of the rules of the dialogue. The process helps the girls to work on their self-esteem and reinvent themselves, also to find support within a group of peers. At the same time, they are learning new habits of communication that they will take with them for life.

Also, Minervas brought the process to the Tsao Foundation, an organization founded to provide assistance and support to the elderly in Singapore. The participants liked the Circle of Dialogue as a process to run with the senior ladies of the community.

(In Singapore, the Tsao Foundation enjoyed learning and experiencing a Circle of Dialogue. The foundation works providing services for the elderly, and found that the Circles were a great process to use with senior ladies of their community.

Also, in 2012 we trained a group of volunteers who work with teenage girls that are in rehabilitation centers. They found the process of value to allow them express feelings through a playful, creative expression, and also learn to have dialogues, developing new habits of communication.)



In connection with a Coaching Conference in Iasi, Romania, a group of professional women were invited to participate in a Circle of Dialogue. We explored what is the feminine contribution they can bring to their organization. The session was held in Romanian, with simultaneous translation into English. The participants found the process and the topic most unusual and valued the candid exchange, while identifying ways in which they could bring some of this back to their own organizations.

Another group of women, part of an initiative to rethink and transform the not very efficient Romanian school system, saw great interest in Minervas and started a group in Bucharest. Bell..



Visiting a school in a rural town in India.
Connecting souls, children wise like adults, teachers with the perspective of children.



We worked with a group of women for different aboriginal tribes worried about the loss of forest due to damming projects.

The Circle was run in two languages the native one and English but we were all connected from the language of the heart.

-“That experience was very moving. Some of the women had traveled several hours from upriver to get to this session, which they looked forward with great anticipation. It was interesting to see how they could, among themselves, point at the importance of their role in their families and communities, despite a patriarchal system and with a different kind of education than traditional instruction. What I was most amazed of, was to see how while some shared their pain and anger, others were able to bring words of encouragement and hope. The session was facilitated by me, but I became invisible and they were able to draw the power from within themselves. They left excited to bring some of the rules of dialogue to their families and long-houses.” Isabel Rimanoczy



The newly founded Coaching Association in Bogota launched a division for Coaches and Social Action, to promote the work of professional coaches with the underprivileged.

We offered a training of these coaches to run Circles of Dialogue in charitable institutions where they could multiply the impact of peace-building conversations in the Colombian society. (Project 2013)


The amazing experience took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Circle brought together several generations of women from all walks of life: a young girl of 11, a teenager, some young mothers, grandmothers in their eighties, a poet, some writers, social workers, therapists, students, a blind woman who is an activist… It was a sample of the world…

And the dialogue was incredible! We reflected about the feminine perspective that the world needs today. We used the artistic expression of a collage for individual reflection, and then, sitting in a circle like a tribe, we searched for new meanings and exchanged thoughts on how we can intentionally act to inspire others and make a difference

WOMEN + ART + DIALOGUE= Seeds of Peace


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